New traffic pattern causing confusion for motorists

SALISBURY, Md. – Driving through downtown Salisbury, you may notice there have been quite a few changes made to the traffic patterns on Waverly Drive, and it has left drivers confused.

The city eliminated one of the left turn lanes onto Carroll Street, and have added a new bike lane. The left lane turning onto Carroll must turn left and the right lane must turn right, and can still turn right on red for now.

There are also zebra bumps in the medians separating traffic from pedestrians and bicyclists, and are designed to allow for emergency vehicles to get around traffic.

Locals we spoke with tell us they feel safer using the roadway for walking and riding their bikes.

“It’s making people more cautious, to slow down and follow the traffic rules and look out for pedestrians and bicyclists,” Amanda Stevenson, of Salisbury, said.

Still there is a lot of confusion, not just about the patterns, but about things like how ambulances will navigate this new zig zag corridor. Including what happens when an emergency vehicle is coming down the road with no shoulder left.

“We went with those because they can be mounted and traversed by emergency vehicles, so that both ambulances and fire trucks can access the lane, and can also straddle and get to the hospital if they need to get around traffic,” said transportation project specialist Will White.

As of right now, you can turn right on red here Waverly Drive onto Carroll Street, but that could eventually change, along with a number of other intersections in town.

We’re told that every intersection in the Beaglin-Naylor Mill corridor will be subject to a study to determine which intersection drivers will no longer be able to turn right on red.

The city is still finalizing the design for the second phase of construction, which will include a concrete median, stormwater treatment and street lights.

City officials expect that we are about two years out from that construction.

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