New logo allows farmers to show their produce is locally grown

DELMARVA – Whether you live on Delmarva or just visit, you have probably run across your fair share of farmers markets and produce stands. But, how do you know what you’re getting is actually grown here?  That’s why a new non-profit, Certified Delmarva Grown has created a logo for farmers to use to prove that. The non-profit is the brainchild of the Delmarva Farmers Union. Farmers in the program say they’re glad something like this has come along.

“It’s something you should jump at the opportunity for if you’re 100 percent only selling what you grow, produced on your farm here on Delmarva,” says Henry Bennett, owner of Bennett Farms.

In order to use the program, farmers have to pay a fee of anywhere between $40 and $75 per year. They also have to pass an inspection proving all the produce they sell is produced by them to get certified.

Henry says the nominal fee is worth it to give that assurance to consumers. He says it also helps them distinguish themselves from people who sell produce from elsewhere.

“To see somebody who’s buying it and saying ‘oh yeah we grew this’ when in reality it’s not true it’s frustrating, it’s a little fraudulent, but at the end of the day it’s what sets us apart and why our product tastes better,” Henry says.

Locals 47 ABC spoke with agree that the designation is something good.

“I mean that’s good cause they know what they’re eating isn’t from way somewhere else,” says Jamaar Drummond.

One local, John Blair says that he had been a victim of getting produce that he thought was local and thinks more farmers should get the designation.

“The other day we got corn that was supposed to be grown from here locally, it was from jersey and it had stickers on it and I was a little upset cause I wanted locally grown corn and I end up getting something from New Jersey,” Blair says.

Since the program is new, those with Certified Delmarva Grown are hoping more farmers will get on board. Right now they say having their logo at farmers markets has been the best form of advertising.

“As more and more of our logos pop up at different produce stands we’re hoping that other farmers will go hey where’d you get that logo from, what are you affiliated with,” says Leslie Milby, program manager for Certified Delmarva Grown.

Milby also says at the end of the summer harvest, they’ll be a Farm-to-Table Harvest Dinner fundraiser for the Certified Delmarva Grown Program and Delmarva Farmers Union. That will be September 14th from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM at the Ocean Pines Community Center.

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