MVA hopes confiscating licenses will convince drivers to switch to Real ID

SALISBURY, Md. – The MVA in Maryland is asking local police departments to take away licenses from drivers who have failed to switch over to a Real ID after being notified to do so.

Initially, 80,000 Maryland residents were told to change over their licenses, about 8,000 people have failed to do so from this first wave of notifications.

Those people have received a half dozen notices asking them to comply, and now the MVA is hoping that a seizure of licenses will motivate those who haven’t yet to make the switch.

We asked local police what they think of the policy, they say it’s not much different than when they confiscate license plates for lack of insurance.

“If during a query through the Motor Vehicle Administration, if we uncover that there is a pickup order for a license and we verify it, it’s going to be seized and turned back into the Motor Vehicle Administration,” said Lt. Tim Robinson with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office.

The MVA says the policy for implementing this will be up to local jurisdictions. They also add that if you know you need to switch over your license, you could get it done in just 15 minutes.

The MVA released this statement to 47ABC:

“The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration received Delegate Ebersole’s letter and we are reviewing his concerns. We continue to work closely with law enforcement as well as our customers to ensure they are able comply with the requirements of federal REAL ID Act.  We’ve made great strides getting customers into our offices to get their documents on file and have incorporated extended office hours, appointments, courtesy phone calls and reminders for appointments into our outreach plans.”

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