Mayor Jake Day launches re-election campaign, focusing on city’s growth

SALISBURY, Md. – Luckily the rain held off for Salisbury Mayor Jake Day to announce that he’s looking to run for a second term for mayor of the eastern shore’s largest city. Day announced his re-election at a kick off event downtown and stressed that he will focus on continuing the growth the city has seen during his first term. Day told 47 ABC that there’s a lot of projects that he’s started here in Salisbury that would bring more businesses to the area and ensure the city remains a safe place to live. Which is why he says it is critical that he’s around for another term to ensure the city continues on the path of success.

“You look at our main street master plan, you look at the effort that we have been undertaking with Salisbury University and getting them to invest in the core, the entrepreneurship center underway, not yet complete. This is a great city, this is a comeback city, a city I was proud to come back to myself, but we aren’t done we’re right in the middle. We’ve got a long way to go,” said Day.

City officials add that the election will be held on Tuesday November 9th.

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