Maryland Tax Free Week starts just in time for back to school shopping

SALISBURY, Md. – Get your wallets and back to school lists ready cause Maryland’s tax free week is back. And it’s drawing in customers of all ages to get that sweet deal.

“We wanted to wait until it was tax free week to take advantage of the savings and we came on Monday because we figured all the stuff would get cleaned out pretty soon,” said one Target shopper, Kyle Mills.

From now until Sunday customers buying clothing, shoes, backpacks and more can get them tax-free. And shoppers tell 47 ABC it was a deal they just couldn’t pass up.

“It’s great to be able to take advantage of this week and get the most value out of it,” said Mills.

“I dragged him out here today to make sure we get good deals and make sure we’re saving money as we head into college,” said another shopper Gabe Dunn.

And it isn’t just parents getting in on the perks. Teachers¬† on the shore are also taking advantage of the tax free week. Stocking up on school supplies they often have to pay out of pocket for.

“We’ll get a couple hundred dollar stipend where we can spend at certain school specialty stores but that’s not enough. We have to buy everything from food to have snacks for kids that are hungry, to crayons for children who are going to come to school with no supplies at all,” said 2nd grade teacher at Glen Avenue Elementary School, Lyndsay Greenan.

And despite it lasting for only a week, officials say the tax free incentive plays a big role in helping families save as much money as they can here on the shore. As a reminder, from now until the 18th, clothing and footwear under $100 are exempt from the state’s six percent sales tax and the first $40 of a backpack are also tax-free.


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