Maryland oyster habitat restoration efforts receive $800k


MARYLAND – More than three quarters of a million dollars is going to help restore oyster habitats throughout the Chesapeake Bay.

The money will impact 100 acres of reefs across five tributaries including four on the Eastern Shore: the Little Choptank River, the Tred Avon River, the Harris Creek and the Manokin River. They tell 47 ABC, there are countless ways this restoration will benefit the environment because oysters act like kidneys for the Bay.

“The oysters are going on oyster bottom. They are filtering the water, cleaning it up. They are providing habitat. They are spawning and adding to the population. They are helping with shoreline erosion and they are helping with nutrients. So the more oysters we can get overboard into the tributaries, the better off we’re gonna be,” says Stephanie Alexander, the Hatchery Director for the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) at Horn Point.

Alexander says the Manokin River will be taken care of closer to the end of the year, adding that it’s important because it’s a little further down in the Bay and has high salinity meaning it’s a good spot for oysters.

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