Lights-on program comes to Milford, aims to reduce crime

MILFORD, Del. – An initiative that’s looking to reduce crime by lighting up neighborhoods has made it’s way to Milford. The program known as ‘Lights On Milford Strong’, is collaborating with residents in poorly lit areas to help install LED porch lights and motion activated lights in their homes. Officials tell 47 ABC, those who sign up with the program are required to report any suspicious activity or crime, and also keep their front port light on at night. Officials say the campaign was put in place to enhance public safety and improve community engagement with law enforcement as well.

“It’s a responsive attempt to help people improve their safety and security. The whole idea is to put light on the street and move crime away from those areas. It’s improving public safety, providing peace of mind for the people that live in the homes and also introducing energy efficiency education,” said HELP Initiative Charles Kistler.

Officials say similar programs have also been launched successfully in Dover and Seaford.

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