Kicks 4 Kids benefits Coastal Hospice



SALISBURY, Md. – Dozens of people packed into Winter Place Park on Saturday, all to benefit a good cause.

“We’re here to celebrate life, that is the whole purpose of coastal hospice, we’re here to bring that dignity of life, even with kids,” Amy Wigglesworth, Event Coordinator with Coastal Hospice, said.

And that’s what Saturday’s Kicks 4 Kids event was all about – celebration.

“This event is to kind of celebrate the joys of being a kid, and just kind of emphasizing that joy of being a kid,” Wigglesworth said.

But it wasn’t just about the food and the music and games, the entire event was all to benefit a good cause.

“So this event actually benefits our pediatric care program of coastal hospice, so it’s for our younger individuals who have needs outside of their insurance,” Wigglesworth said.

And that’s a cause that really hits home for many people.

“We actually can personally relate, we’ve had our son Ryder, he has been in the hospital quite a few times so it’s something that, you know, we can kind of relate to,” one parent, Kelsey Ward, said.

And while pediatric care and hospice care is often an emotional topic, organizers say Kicks 4 Kids is meant to focus on the positives.

“When it comes to our pediatric care program sometimes it can be sad to hear about, but that’s why we’re out here to show it’s about celebrating that time in their lives,” Wigglesworth said.

A day that – some parents and officials say – brings together fun and games while also helping a great program –

“It’s a great free event that we can bring the kids to, there’s lots of games, there’s a bounce house, music, a little bit of everything, and it’s a free event and all of the proceeds go to a great cause,” Ward said.

“Coastal hospice is amazing, and the fact that they have this for families is just a beautiful thing,” Mayor Jake Day said.

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