Inlet dredging could cause congestion during White Marlin Open

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Dredging is set to take place in the Ocean City inlet this week. This could cause some headaches for boaters participating in the White Marlin Open.

“There’s always something going on it seems like,” Jim Motsko, a Founder of the White Marlin Open said. “It’s just going to be a lot slower with the boats coming through that area.”

The dredging of the Ocean City inlet is scheduled to take place over a period of five days, according to Congressman Andy Harris.

Motsko said, “In between buoys 11 and 12, that’s where the dredge is supposed to be working.”

The purpose of the dredging project is to remove built up shoals in the Ocean City inlet to ensure that no boats run aground.

Sen. Mary Beth Carozza (R – D 38) said, “It will have an impact and keep that channel open for our visitors and for our business.”

Fortunately, the dredging project isn’t expected to pose a safety threat to boaters.

Motsko said, “From a safety view, it’s not going to affect anybody.”

Regardless, we’re told that people should still be careful while navigating around the dredging boat this week.

Motsko said, “They have to be careful. We told them to stay near the buoys.”

While the dredging is a bit of an inconvenience for boaters this week, Senator Mary Beth Carozza says it’s better that the problem is addressed sooner rather than later.

Sen. Carozza said, “With the Army Corps of Engineers schedule and keeping them on a timeline, we’re really fortunate that when they can come in and do it because they are basically doing a schedule that requires the whole region.”

Congressman Andy Harris commented on the dredging project. He said, “I applaud the Army Corps of Engineers for taking the steps necessary to get dredging of the Ocean City Inlet underway. The fishing and maritime industry is critical to our local economy and community. This dredging is a high priority, and I am glad the Corps is getting the job done.”

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