Efforts underway to renovate neglected shopping center

SEAFORD, Del. – After decades of deteriorating conditions at the Nylon Capital Shopping Center here in downtown Seaford, city officials as well as activists are hoping that a little bit of pressure will lead to revitalization efforts in the near future.

The neglect is obvious, from empty storefronts, to potholes, roofs in disrepair, even a wall taped off since a car slammed into it over a year ago.

David Baugh, a local realtor and activist says he has been attempting to line up business owners with the company that owns this center, The Cordish Company. He says a lack of communication with the company has led to lost opportunities.

“They have to have a landlord that they can reach out to if there’s an issue with the building, and right now that’s kind of the issue that I’m seeing.”

Rob Rider, the owner of Body and Soul Fitness in the shopping center, says Cordish has been a great investment partner, helping with paving the parking lot and revamping the outside lighting. He says the key for revitalizing this center is for businesses to show the company their vision that Cordish can then invest in.

“If there were opportunities, and someone saw the vision of what a space could be, Cordish is willing to invest if it makes economic sense. That’s been our relationship with them.”

No matter what the opinion of Cordish’s handling of the property is, everyone agrees this shopping center could be a key to Seaford’s future economic success.

“We just need to get more activity going in the rest of this center, and it would just be tremendous for west Seaford,” Rider said.

“We need more jobs, we need more jobs for the residents that live here. And this shopping center could potentially be that resource,” Baugh said.

We reached out to Seaford Mayor David Genshaw, who gave us this statement:

“We are working with The Cordish Company trying to encourage re-development of this property. We are hopeful.”

We also reached out to The Cordish Company for comment on this story, but they have not responded.

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