Easton officer ‘one step closer’ to getting new kidney

EASTON, Md. – Since we last introduced you to Easton Police Officer Corporal Lenox Trams, his story of searching for yet another kidney donor has touched hundreds of lives. Lives like Wilma Kosakowski who was inspired to see if she’d be his perfect match.

“I listened to the story on the news and read the Facebook post and I decided to go ahead and fill out the questionnaire and see how I could help,” said Kosakowski.

After a number of doctors visits, blood tests, and more she got the news she’d been hoping for.

“They called and said that I was good to go. I was cleared to be able to donate and they would start testing my blood against his,” said Kosakowski.

“I was emotional, but I was kind of reserved just a little bit,” said Cpl. Trams.

After testing her blood with Trams, doctors told Kosakowski she actually wasn’t a match. But that didn’t stop her from doing whatever she could to get Trams the kidney he so desperately needed.

“It was never a question. As soon as they told me that I wasn’t a match, the first thing I said was could we still do the exchange,” said Kosakowski.

Kosakowski immediately enrolled in the advanced donation kidney program. Donating her kidney to another person in need, which in turn put Trams at the top of the transplant list.

“She instantly helped somebody else and then I will get help in the future,” said Cpl. Trams.

And her act of paying it forward, paid off.

“I just got a phone call from Georgetown that says we have found a donor for you. To actually hear that from the transplant team, it kind of really boosted my ego. Like it’s going to happen soon,” said Cpl. Trams.

And when asked how it feels to give such a special gift, Kosakowski’s answer was simple:

“Some people are calling me a hero. I’m not a hero. I just helped out someone who needed it.”



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