Division and Main Street intersection to open Monday


SALISBURY, Md. – If you’ve driven through Downtown Salisbury lately, you’ve probably noticed the intersection at Division and Main Streets is still closed. The intersection will be back open on Monday, but what time on Monday is still up in the air.

The intersection has been blocked off for a few weeks, and while officials say it will open on Monday, it’s not all good news.

The intersection could close again after the Folk Festival, but it’s still unclear whether the entire intersection will be closed or just portions of Division Street.

The additional closures after the Festival were not initially planned, and Mayor Jake Day says that additional closures after the Festival are because of unforeseen obstacles underground, like ancient pipes.

“Because of those things underground, there were things that we wanted done before, I don’t know that it will extend the overall timeline, but the grand scheme of things, they might be ten, fifteen days off where they wanted to be,” Mayor Day said.

Once that intersection is completed, construction will move to other areas on Division Street, and then finally the Downtown Plaza.

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