Community fundraising money for 50 feral cats found in Denton

EASTON, Md. – The community has raised almost $2,000 for a local spay and neuter organization that recently found 50 feral cats.

The organization, Tomcat Solutions, tells 47 ABC the cats were found at an unoccupied home in Denton. The cats were so emaciated that you could see their back bones. So far, Tomcat Solutions and another local shelter have rescued about 16 of the 50 cats. And they’re using money raised through Go Fund Me to feed the cats, as well as get them fixed. They tell 47 ABC, the biggest problem with feral cats is that people tend to just feed them and not get them fixed.

“What I constantly say is please spay and neuter. If you see some outdoor cats stray cats, feed them which is wonderful, but the bottom line really is these cats need to be sterilized. Please do it right away so it does not get into a situation like this,” says Ursula Dicks, a volunteer with Tomcat Solutions.

In addition to donations, Tomcat Solutions tells 47 ABC that they are looking for people to help rehab the cats, people who want to adopt as well as other local shelters that can help rescue the others left at the home.

Tomcat Solutions is a non-profit made up of experienced Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) volunteers, “who have made a commitment to curb cat overpopulation by providing continued TNR and Barncat services on the upper-shore.”

To donate to the Go Fund Me: click here.

For information about how to adopt or volunteer, visit Tomcat Solution’s website or call 410-822-1496.

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