City officials weigh in on the future of Wicomico River

SALISBURY, Md. – Wicomico County officials are revealing new plans that will help keep the Wicomico River safer in the future.

This year marked the culmination of more than a decade of collecting data allowing the community to come up with new studies to help.

According to the County Assistant Director of Administration Weston Young things like failing septic tanks and rainfall have made an impact on the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus levels in the river.

It is something volunteers who collect the data say they hope to see addressed sooner rather than later.

“The trends help us determine where we need improvement, what are we doing well,” said Young.

“We’re just monitoring it, but everybody is involved in what goes into it,” said Linda Bystrak, a Creekwatchers volunteer.

According to Young, the county is working on a new study that will help to identify new solutions that will help keep the river healthier in the years to come.

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