Church offers inspiring messages for Wicomico Co. students

SALISBURY, Md. – “It takes a village to support our schools,” said the North Salisbury School Principal Dave Harris.

From cleaning up gardens to writing unique messages to students, nearly 200 volunteers in Wicomico County took the time to make sure students and teachers feel welcome this upcoming school year.

“We know that we have a lot of needs in our county schools and we want to support our Wicomico County Public Schools,” said Christy Briggs, a volunteer at the Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Salisbury.

In less than three weeks, students will be walking through their hallways and discovering notes on their lockers and pencils with inspirational messages on them.

“You’re great, you’re brave, you’re unique, smile, you’ve got this,” said the Wicomico Middle School Principal Tara O’Barsky.

It is all thanks to a collaboration between Wicomico County Public Schools and the Salisbury Oak Ridge Baptist Church.

“Dressing up the teacher lounge with a little bit of pizzazz and sprucing up our landscaping to greet our students, staff and community just shows the pride that our community has for our schools,” said Harris.

“It gives us the opportunity to kind of indirectly encourage the students with encouraging messages,” said the Oak Ridge Baptist Church Pastor Brian Moss.

Volunteers at North Salisbury, Wicomico Middle and Mardela Middle and High Schools also prepared positive message for teachers. Wicomico Middle School Principal Tara O’Barsky says, these kinds of small acts are much needed.

“It takes a lot of energy to be a middle school teacher and we have students with needs and we have to be able to meet those needs and help them be successful,” said O’Barsky.

So, they hope these messages and even prayers will help students and teachers feel excited and inspired to have a successful school year.

This is the first time ever that the Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Salisbury has partnered up with Wicomico County Public Schools for this project that helps get schools ready for the new school year.

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