Capitol Campaign Launch, Baseball for Everyone

(SALISBURY, MD) – On Tuesday, August 13, a capitol campaign was launched for a new facility called field seven and a half. That field is located at the Henry S. Parker athletic complex in Salisbury.

The hope is that people with mental and physical disabilities might soon get the same opportunities to play baseball in Salisbury.

“There are about 3,000 special needs kids in somerset, worcester, wicomico county,” said Steve Miller, Director of Parks and Tourism,”…not to mention kids that are not school age or adults so there are thousands of people that something like this could really be a unique opportunity to give them the same opportunities everyone else has.”

As part of the field seven and a half project, an all inclusive playground would be built, and a sensory trail with legacy areas would be put in.

Field seven and a half is hoped to be the hub facility for the challenger little league of the eastern shore and include other special needs programs.
ultimately the goal here is to make this a starting point for future generations.

“We are really looking for the community to wrap their arms around this and to help make this possible not just for kids and adults now but for generations to come,” Miller said.

Community members, team leaders, and organizers attending today’s event share that same hope. Many believe this field will serve as a place of no judgment where people can just have fun.

Roughly $500,000 has already been raised for the field, but their goal is $900,000. They are still looking to the community to help with donations so they can get this project off the ground.

If you want to donate, you can log on to and select challenger baseball fund in the drop down menu.


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