Berlin man searching for kidney donor


BERLIN, Md. – About a year and a half ago, Nick Morris’s life changed forever. The Berlin resident found out he needed a kidney, and things haven’t been easy since.

“I’d like to be around a little bit more for family, I’d like to do some more traveling, there’s things I want to see that I haven’t seen, there’s things I need to do,” Morris said.

He wants more time in life, but a medical diagnosis could jeopardize that.

“I developed a large prostate about a year-and-a-half ago, which went on for several weeks, and that created an issue where you have backage up into the kidney,” Morris explained.

And from there, the complications kept coming.

“And as a result of that it damages the kidney, and it can damage it to the point where it needs to be replaced, which is, I’ve reached that point,” he said.

Now, Nick is begging for somebody – anybody – to give him one of the greatest gifts he could ever ask for: a kidney.

“It’s a precious gift when you think about it, you’re giving somebody an opportunity to do that many more things, to do the things they want to do or didn’t get a chance to do yet,” he said.

The 73-year-old is pleading to the public after being rejected for an organ waiting list, which takes, on average, six years.

“The interpretation I had, the age kind of invalidated that as an option for me, because by the time I would have an opportunity for one, I’d be 79-years-old,” Morris said.

So now the long-time Berlin resident is doing everything he can, including making flyers and Facebook posts, to get the word out.

“Basically I’m trying to make it so that, personally, I’m out there, I’m exposed and letting people know what my need is,” he said.

He’s hoping that somebody will step in and be a match.

“Hopefully, with being exposed, there will be a number of people that come forward to offer, become kind of a guardian angel,” Morris said.

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