Becoming a Chief Executive Mom with Jennifer Lopez

SALISBURY, Md. — This morning our very own morning anchor, Erica Murphy, sat down with Jennifer Lopez. Yes, you read that right, no, it’s not J-Lo. But, we have reason to believe this is the Jennifer Lopez you want to listen to. Jennifer is the owner and founder of Assistant Pro which is a rapidly growing staffing agency, committed to assisting middle-class families with everyday tasks.

Jennifer has many great feats but she joined our morning show, Good Morning Delmarva,all the way from Florida to talk about her book “Chief Execute Mom: Run Your Home Like You Mean Business.” The book is described as a tool to retire the current mindset that keeps you trapped, feeling unappreciated, unpaid, and frustrated. It is supposed to help moms step into your their new roles, which is being a: Chief Executive Mom.

Jennifer tells Erica that today, moms are in the workforce just as much as dads are. The difference is that moms still carry the weight of raising their kids and running their home effectively. She wants to change that in moms across the country.

Jennifer shared that applying a business-like or CEO strategy to your home makes for an environment that is productive and happy. She also says that mothers have to take the pressure off of themselves of everything that needs to get done in the home. She says engaging your children is one way to start taking the pressure off of yourself as a mother. Making the children feel like they are apart of the team, they will feel the successes in the home, and things will fall into place easily.

If you want more tips, a guide or Jennifer’s secrets to reconnect with yourself and train your team (your family) to have a happy home environment you can visit her website at You can also purchase her book “Chief Execute Mom: Run Your Home Like You Mean Business.”on for a paperback copy or an electronic book copy.


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