Adding new business a key focus to Seaford comprehensive plan

SEAFORD, Del. – What can help spur continued economic development in Seaford. That’s one of the main questions Seaford leaders are trying to answer as they craft their next comprehensive development plan.

So we went out and asked business owners what Seaford needs to do to continue seeing economic growth.

Alan Cranston, owner of Every Fiber Coffee in downtown, says offering to help businesses with expenses can help draw more to the area.

“We put a lot of money into utilities and upgrades, and anywhere you can save some money as a small business trying to get started, it helps tremendously.”

The types of jobs coming in matter, too.

Craig Dimes, who owns two franchises just off Route 13, says Seaford needs more blue collar jobs that can support families.

“Coming from a town that used to have duPont, you need those blue collar type work, not just commercial and food service… You got to have the jobs that are going to help support the food and the commercial and the retail type of jobs.”

Owners also mentioned the importance of investing in the appearance of downtown, including sidewalks, parking, and downtown beautification. But the town needs as much input as possible before the deadline to make those visions a reality.

“Your transportation, your housing, population information, demographic information, all of that plays in to this overall document that will sort of guide our future for the next ten years,” said Trisha Newcomer, the director of economic development for Seaford.

The deadline to respond to these surveys is August 31.  They can be found here.

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