Worcester Co. confirms eighth rabies case for 2019

SNOW HILL, Md. – Worcester County just recorded their 8th confirmed rabies case for 2019. On July 3rd, a groundhog tested positive for rabies in Ocean Pines, which is actually pretty rare since rabies are mostly seen in raccoons, fox, cats and even possum.

Now even though eight cases aren’t cause for alarm, the Worcester County Health Department is hoping to keep the number there by reminding locals to keep an eye out for animals acting strange while also providing tips to keep your pets safe.

“If you see an animal acting erratically like a nocturnal animal out during the day don’t approach it call animal services call the sheriffs department just be very safe when you’re handling any type of animal and make sure you get your pets vaccinated that’s a big thing,” explains Travis Brown of Worcester County Health Dept.

Now if you do come in contact with a rabid animal keep your distance but in the case of a bite call a doctor immediately and make sure your pet is up to date on its shots and vaccinations.

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