USSSA Softball Tournament Expected to Boost Local Businesses

Salisbury, Md.-Over 5,000 softball players will be on the Eastern Shore for the USSSA Eastern Nationals tournament starting next week.

The three week long event is estimated to generate over $20,000,000 of economic activity and fill over 10,000 hotel rooms.

“we have to bring more staff in to keep up with the volume security to keep the property safe for everyone, a lot of preemptive work making sure rooms are taken care of,” Gregory Dominguez, the general manager for La Quinta Inn & Suits said. “We bring in anywhere from 15 to 20 jobs additional jobs that includes housekeepers, cooks, front desk, it’s all hands on deck.”

Restaurants also expect to reap the benefits of the tourists, but for one business this year could be even bigger because of a new incentive. A voucher program which encourages teams and their families to try the different restaurants will include the Market Street Inn.

“I think doing the vouchers with the teams that’s something new for us so I expect a lot more people coming through the door,” Rob Mulford, President of Market Street Inn said. “It means we have to get our menu really precise and make it smaller so things can come out of the kitchen a little faster.”

According to Wicomico County officials, all of Delmarva should expect to get a piece of the action.

“I know there’s a team staying in Easton, some teams are staying in Delaware, and some that will stay down south in Pocomoke, so really it’s all over the Delmarva peninsula that’s feeling the impact,” Andrew Kurtz, a Wicomico County sports marketing representative said.

The tournament games are free for the public and additional information can be found here.

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