Town of Pittsville continues work on road map to better future

PITTSVILLE, Md. – In Pittsville, the town is working to finalize their comprehensive plan which officials say will provide a road map to help develop the area. During Pittsville’s town meeting Mondaym officials held a public hearing to finalize the Maryland Community Development Block Grant they received to create their comprehensive plan. Officials say residents got the opportunity to discuss and provide input regarding what they’d like to see for the future of the town.
Officials add that the town mainly wants to focus on economic development which will in turn help to revitalize the area.

“The town could use some economic development and that’s one of the processes. This is how we want the town to grow. This is what we want to grow. And this is what we would like to see in our town. It pretty much sets the ground rules and it gives you a map to the future,” said Town Manager Joe Mangini.

Officials say that once the comprehensive plan is complete, it will go to a number of state agencies for a review and hopefully approval.

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