Three years after arrest, still no trial for alleged puppy mill


EDEN, Md. – Thursday marked the three-year anniversary of the arrests of Robert and Susan Murphy, both charged in an alleged puppy mill ran out of Eden. But now, three years later, neither has faced trial. And while Thursday’s anniversary brings up bad memories for some people, plenty are remembering how much the community stepped up three years ago.

“There was so much stuff that was donated that the local humane society had to bring in a full-sized trailer to park on their property just to store all of the donated supplies,” Lieutenant Tim Robinson with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office said.

Three-hundred dogs were rescued, that required attention from resources all across the Eastern Shore.

“We had resources here from Wicomico County, Worcester County, Somerset County to assist with removing the dogs,” Lt. Robinson said.

And that’s not including the efforts of local shelters who stepped in and struggled to care for the dogs.

“Tragedies like that put a tremendous strain on the personnel and the budgeting of any facility that has to take those animals in,” Kathleen Crossan, a Board member for the Somerset County Humane Society, said.

But now, three years later, Robert and Susan still have not stood trial.

“As of today, the case is still pending adjudication in the Circuit Court for Wicomico County,” Lt. Robinson said.

Which has made people angry and confused about when justice will be served.

“There was a lot of outrage, and there probably still is,” Lt. Robinson said.

“That’s not fair to anybody,” Crossan said. “It’s not fair to the animals, not fair to the community, and certainly not fair to the people who are accused, so that’s just a tragedy all the way around.”

While the community waits for the Murphy’s day in court, that day three years ago will also be remembered for the generosity shown by our community.

“It’s gratifying when you see just how many people that this case resonated with and wanted to come forward to help,” Lt. Robinson said.

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