Studies could determine fate of hotel conference center

CRISFIELD, Md. – One study for the viability of a hotel and conference center in downtown is about to be complete with another on the way, and their results may decide whether the state helps the Crisfield in the future.

A study by the BEACON Institute with Salisbury University is about ready for publication, while another by Somerset County is underway.

We’re told the study by the BEACON Institute will call for a strong “retreat” element and significant private investment for the plan to be successful.

The city has conducted studies in the past, but hope that the current economic climate will produce better results, and encourage the state to get involved.

“That’s what we’re hoping for. We’re trying to get people to look at Crisfield, not as that nice, but quaint working town down at the end of a very long road, and look at Crisfield as the whole gateway to the Chesapeake,” city manager Rick Pollitt said. “But we’re going to need that private investment to make it work, and that’s what we’re hoping will come out of these studies that are currently underway.”

Work sessions are being scheduled for the Somerset County Economic study, and it should be completed sometime in either late fall or early winter.

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