Salisbury works to bring garden to Truitt Street Community Center

SALISBURY, Md. – It was all hands on deck in Salisbury Thursday at the Truitt Street Community Center as city employees worked to create a brand new community garden.

City employees and student workers braved the heat to turn the community’s front yard into a beautiful garden.

The goal is to continue bringing the community together to get more activities for kids to take part in, while also possibly providing some fresh produce to local neighborhoods.

“The city is going all out here trying to give kids an opportunity to have a space, community center programming. activities¬† for their own personal development and to keep them out of trouble, keep them active especially during the summer months,” explains Everett Howard, Director for Salisbury Community Housing and Development.

And while the city is spearheading the efforts for a new community garden, they are still looking for someone to take over the project once its complete.

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