Police: mom left child in hot car, went shopping

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – A mother is facing charges after police say she left her 3-year-old child in a car on Thursday with temperatures in the 90s.

Police say Katherin Mowbray went shopping inside of a Walmart store for at least 30 minutes while her child was in the car with the doors locked, windows up, and no air conditioning on.

Mowbray is now facing charges related to child neglect, but police say it’s unclear if Mowbray left the child in the car purposely or forgot the toddler was with her.

But police say this incident is a reminder for all parents to be more aware.

“In a busy world like today, everyone has cell phones, they’re busy, I have a schedule to reach, but when your child is in the backseat of a car, put something back there that you got a grab to get out of the car,” Captain Justin Todd, with the Cambridge Police Department, said.

Police tell 47 ABC they also found marijuana in Mowbray’s car, which she received a civil citation for.

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