New food vendors coming to National Folk Festival

SALISBURY, Md. – For all you foodies out there, get ready for this year’s National Folk Festival in downtown Salisbury because they just released the food vendors and we’re pretty excited about them ourselves.

It’s a diverse selection from your favorite or soon to be favorite places across the shore from Eastern Shore Kettle Korn to the Chesapeake’s crabcake sandwich.

This year there’s 26 vendors to choose from including a lot of newcomers like Hawaiian Bryan’s Aloha Shop in Salisbury. Places that are eager to get the exposure this September.

“That selection of being part of the National Folk Festival will really add to the exposure of my shop. I am only less than a year old, I’ll be about a year old by the time the folk festival happens,” explains Bryan Horikami, Owner of Hawaiian Bryan’s Aloha Shop.

And for those that may want a sit down option instead, don’t worry festival-goers can also go to 16 locally owned indoor dining options that are all within walking distance from most performance stages and areas.

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