New Boys Scout Troop Seeking More Scouts, Fundraising

Easton, Md.-The newest Boy Scouts of America all girls troop were out in front of Acme Markets Saturday selling hot sandwiches to raise money for uniforms, books, equipment, camp outs and trips.

With all of the proceeds going directly to the girls, many people happily came by to show their support and eat some freshly cooked beef and turkey.

The Leader of the Scouts said she loves the chance BSA has given her girls.

“It’s a great communal opportunity for our girls to interact with the boys but, also learn independently, the same life skills that the boys are learning,” Lori Stepp, Scoutmaster of troop 1091 said. “I wish I had the opportunity when I was a young lady, I wish I had that platform, that opportunity to learn those leadership skills and also understand and work in that environment.”

According to Stepp, the troop’s scout numbers are still low but that they are always looking to add more girls ages 11 to 17 to their group.




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