Netflix edits out controversial 13 Reasons Why scene


DELMARVA – It’s a scene shocked a lot of people, showing a main character taking her own life in the bathroom of her home.

And while the scene did make a lot of people uncomfortable, people tell tell 47 ABC that the show, in general, does touch on important issues.

“I think it creates conversation, creates awareness, can create prevention, so that people can get help,” Kelley Green, a surviving mother, said.

And Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why did that – it had a lot of people talking about serious issues, including suicide, bullying, self harm, and LGBTQ issues.

“Kids are talking about it, whether they’re talking about it at home, or in front of adults, it’s talked about,” Green said.

But despite bringing these issues to the big screen, that final scene of Season one – which showed Hannah Baker taking her own life – proved to be extremely controversial and potentially harmful.

“Talking about it, discussing it, bringing awareness to it, does not increase any risk, but sometimes talking about how people die of suicide, or specifics about modality, or what somebody specifically did, can in fact raise the risk for suicide,” Green said.

And it’s that detail that has people concerned, actually showing how the fictional character took her life.

“The scene in 13 reasons why, not only are you exposed to how someone might go about doing it, you’re seeing it,” Dr. Samantha Stone, a psychologist, said. “I think it just solidifies that process of how I might also do this too.”

And you might think this is just Netflix, but these issues reach closer to home than you may think.

“The summer after that show came out I had a huge spike of suicidal teenagers here in the office, all of them had seen it” Dr. Scott said.

“Oh, it is happening here on the Eastern Shore…it does, unfortunately, happen way too often,” Green said.

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