NASA Wallops in the process of constructing large solar farm

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. – The NASA Wallops Flight Facility is making progress on its effort to become more environmentally friendly.

Work is underway to build a solar farm near the Flight Facility, a farm that will reduce energy consumption of non-renewable resources at the facility by as much as 80 percent.

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the solar project is predicted to be the equivalent of removing over four thousand cars from the road per year.

Keith Koehler, NASA’s Public Information Officer said, “Wallops has been going green for quite a few years. We’ve been going to natural gas and improving our electrical lights and those types of things so this is really the next phase. We’re going to go solar and with that, we’ll be able to reduce our carbon foot print.”

The project is costing NASA millions, but they believe the farm will pay itself off in the end.

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