Milton Theatre building new outdoor venue


MILTON, Del. – After celebrating its 5th anniversary, the Milton Theatre has some exciting news to share: it’s building a new outdoor art space.

The new venue will be called Milton Theatre Quayside. It’s actually pronounced like “kee-side”. “Quay” relates to a platform near water for loading and unloading ships, so it serves as a tribute to the town’s shipbuilding history.

So far there are only artist renderings for the space because it all still needs to be approved. But a spokesperson for the theatre says they envision an outdoor stage, seating, a bar and food area, a place to park food trucks as well as an outdoor movie screen.

Officials tell 47 ABC that the venue has been a dream for a while, since the lot has been sitting vacant next to the theatre for years.

“I think it’s just going to change it how downtown Milton is going to feel. Finally there is an actual space downtown in downtown Milton where people can hang out meet their neighbors, watch a musical performance or live art,” says J.P. Lacap, the marketing director for the Milton Theatre.

The theatre will start putting up a fence and clearing the lot within the next week. They plan to host their first outdoor event “Concert For A Random Soldier” on August 18th. The proceeds will benefit veteran organizations like the Chad Clifton Foundation, Guitars For Vets as well as the Milton Theatre.

Funding for the outdoor space will come from the theatre’s year long campaign, with the goal of raising $2.5 million.

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