Somerset Sheriff: Man charged, loaded gun found

EDEN, Md. – A Maryland man is facing five charges after police reportedly found a loaded handgun on him, in a gas station parking lot.

The Somerset County Sheriff says deputies were near the One Stop Store, on 31680 Eden Allen Road, on Thursday. Police saw a van parked at the back of the business near the dumpsters and did a welfare check on the driver, Andrew Whaley.

Deputies say while they were talking to Whaley, they noticed him “looking around in a nervous manner”. Police asked for a consent search of the vehicle and Whaley gave them permission. They reportedly found a loaded 1911 model handgun with 7 rounds in the magazine near the driver’s seat in the center floor area.

Police searched the Maryland Gun Center database and confirmed that the 48-year-old was a convicted felon “with a long history” and not supposed to have a firearm. The Somerset County Sheriff says the gun was not listed as stolen on the database.

Whaley is charged with the following:

  • Knowingly transporting a handgun in a vehicle
  • Possess a firearm after being convicted of a crime under the laws of the us that would be a felony if committed in this state
  • Possession of ammunition being prohibited from possessing a regulated firearm
  • Knowingly possess a regulated firearm being a person convicted of a disqualifying crime
  • Possession of a regulated firearm after being convicted of drug distribution
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