Local food banks react to proposed SNAP eligibility requirements

MILFORD, Del. – “There’s not one face of hunger. Hunger is, today, all of our faces,” said community relations manager for the Food Bank of Delaware, Chad Robinson.

Food Banks and pantries across Delmarva are preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best as the future of SNAP eligibility requirements remain up in the air.

“When there’s a cut at any type of government programs, there’s an outpouring of community members that just need more resources,” said Director for the  Adopt-A-Block Outreach Ministry Mark Thompson.

Recently, the United States Department of Agriculture announced a new plan to tighten SNAP eligibility requirements. Changes that would no longer provide benefits to families simply because they’re enrolled in food assistance programs.

“Anytime that changes like this are made of there’s an opportunity for an increased need for food banks and food pantries,” said Robinson.

According to food bank officials, this change could affect thousands of families across Delmarva who receive snap benefits. And if that happens officials tell 47 ABC they could see more people in need of their services than ever before.

“If that proposal does go through it may be that we see increased needs it would be likely that that’s the case as folks will get removed from the program or find them selves not eligible now,” said Robinson.

Some food pantries here on the shore say they’re already taking extra precautions to make sure they’re ready if the changes happen.

“We just started ordering more. We stock our pantries with a lot of basic essentials. Pasta, the breads that we get,” Thompson said.

And while the future of this program is still uncertain, food bank officials say they’ll do whatever it takes to make sure families here on Delmarva don’t go hungry.

“Whatever those decisions that might get made in the long term, we want to make sure that if folks find themselves in a position where they are not eligible or cut from those programs that they have access to food,” said Robinson.


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