Invasive plant to be removed from Pemberton Park

SALISBURY, Md. – Wicomico County officials are saying it could take up to five years to remove an invasive species of vine that’s taken over the east side of Pemberton Park.

The species called wisteria is a Japanese vine that crawls up trees, strangles them and kills them.

Work will begin in about a month to mow down the vine and a couple months after that, the county will return to spray any vines that are trying to come back up.

The project is being funded in part by the county.

Tyler Walston, an Environmental Planner for Wicomico County said, “Bob Culver the county executive put $25,000 in last years budget to address this and right now we’re currently writing a grant to get additional funding to not only take care of the park, but also invasive species in the entire lower shore region.”

We’re told the vine likely spread to the park because people planted them, but failed to maintain them.

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