Horizons summer program receives $700k grant


SALISBURY, Md. – Horizons Salisbury is a non-profit where kids are able to learn, hands on, through out the summer. It’s a combination between summer camp and summer school. And it recently got a $700,000 grant to expand the activities it can offer.

Almost 200 Wicomico County students are learning that the sky is the limit.

“It helps them becomes lifelong learners. It peaks their interest. Some of these kids don’t have these opportunities here to build a drone for say like that,” says Breonna Hopkins the Horizons Salisbury University site coordinator.

Horizons Salisbury has been creating hands on learning experiences, every summer, since 2003.

“We usually go kayaking, go on different field trips, to different places like Baltimore. Basically just view different sceneries that we wouldn’t normally see in the summer,” says Jenna Dameus, a Horizons Salisbury student.

But thanks to a recent $700,000 grant from the state, they’re able to take their lessons to new heights.

“So we are bringing in additional resources. This year our students worked on drones so the door company came down, Global Air came down, to do a two week program with our kids so they are getting more science and STEM in there,” says Hopkins.

It’s a new experience that the students say they don’t get at school.

“Others at our school we don’t get to learn things like this so we get a chance to learn it and it’s more fun,” says Senai Camper, a Horizons Salisbury student.

And students tell 47 ABC, Horizons has even inspired them to enjoy certain school subjects more.

“I think I struggled in math and then they kind of gave me different ways I could solve it, that they didn’t give me in school. So that helped me a lot and now I’m excelling in math,” says Dameus.

Organizers say the program is essentially expanding students’ horizons, with lessons that immerse them in learning.

“They’re experiencing the learning not just being told it,” says Joe Laque, the Executive Director of Horizons Salisbury.

Students who attend Horizons also get swimming lessons three times a week. Organizers say that kids who attended the summer program gain 2 to 3 months more of academic performance through out the school year, compared to their peers not involved in the program.

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