Heat waves prove to be a challenge for local farmers


47 ABC – It’s been all hands on deck for local farmers these past couple weeks as they’ve been working tirelessly to keep their crops from drying up.

Local farmer Virgil Shockley explains, “To say that that was a one million dollar rain wouldn’t even come close to what that rain was worth.”

Monday’s rain proved to be a saving grace for local farmers who are just trying to keep their crops alive and well.

Gaylon Adkins of Adkins Farm Market explains, “Everything was going really well and then I guess about the 20th of June is when it quit raining and got hot. In the last 18 or 20 days everything is just kind of dried up bad.”

So far Delmarva has already clocked in two heat waves this summer. Scorching temperatures that made it nearly impossible to save the crops.

Adkins explains, “So the rain we got, a lot of the corn was critical some of the corn may be damaged because it at tasseled and silked early.”

“Irrigation will keep it alive you can run it constantly it will keep it alive so keep it going but mother nature at the rain that mother nature provides is a lot more beneficial than the irrigation,” Shockley adds.

So luckily, a majority of the corn has been saved and the soybeans are still in good shape, but that can all change at the drop of a hat with another heat wave expected.

“Right now they have a good amount of rain from what we got the other day, but they will need at least two more rains.”

So this summer’s harvest will remain a gamble for local farmers.

“We’ve got a long way to go. We’ve got to clear until September, October it’s not money in the bank until you carry it to the mill,” adds Adkins.



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