Gov. Northam reacts to special session on gun reform


VIRGINIA – On Thursday, 47 ABC had a chance to ask Virginia Governor Ralph Northam about this week’s special session on gun reform.

On Monday, Virginia legislators took about 90 minutes to discuss what Governor Northam calls common sense gun legislation, but that’s where things came to a screeching halt.

Government officials say that so far that’s all that’s happened, a conversation. And for the Governor that’s not enough and it’s unfair to the memory of the 1035 people lost to gun violence in 2018.

“I was very disappointed. Yesterday I called our legislators back to really discuss what I would refer to as commonsense gun legislation. They spent 90 minutes, so you know if that’s the way they want to operate I would just ask them to stay home and perhaps we need different leaders that are willing to address that issue.”

Governor Northam says he will continue pushing for stricter gun laws to be passed in the state.

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