Camp Odyssey Hosts 29th Annual Mud Madness


SALISBURY, Md. – It’s a day that a lot of parents dread, but that some kids look forward to all year long.

It’s Mud Madness – a day dedicated to letting kids let loose and get dirty.

“This is really like blowing my mind because I’m getting all muddy,” Xavier, a camper, said.

“A lot of fun,” another camper, Jackson, said.

A lot of fun, and a lot of mud.

“We got an obstacle course, they can make mud angels, we’ve got mud Gaga, we’ve got building mud castles, mud pies, mud kickball,” Emily Jones, a coordinator at Camp Odyssey, said.

But there was one favorite muddy activity – the obstacle course.

It’s a day that camp organizers say goes against what our parents tells when we’re kids.

“Growing up people were told not to play in mud so we do the opposite,” Jones said.

“Some people say, including my mom, and my family says that I can’t get dirty all the time, but this once in a while life chance is so amazing,” Xavier said.

Something that will stick with the kids much longer than the mud will stick on their clothing.

“It’s something that will last in memory in their life, and that’s our goal, for memories to last a lifetime,” Jones said.

“I’m having so much fun, like this is a lifetime special moment that I will never forget,” Xavier said.