Wicomico’s newest baseball fields are bringing in big business

WICOMICO Co., Md. – Wicomico’s newest baseball fields are proving to be quite the money maker for the county.

Eight fields were opened up at the Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex in the spring of 2018. In the year since, hundreds of teams from across the region have poured into town to use the fields.

“Pun intended, it’s been a home run for the county,” said Kristen Goller, the Director of Tourism for Wicomico County. “Before we had these additional fields, we had about 3,000 hours a year of play, we’re now seeing over 5,000.”

Just recently, 18 teams from across the region were in town for the Youth Based Nationals Tournament. Goller said, “None of the teams are local, which is wonderful for the tourism impact.”

One of those teams was the 3 up, 3 down Baseball Academy from Pennsylvania. Joe Ficotouro, a member of the team said, “We’re from pretty much all around, but mostly Reading. I’m from West Chester but most are from Reading.”

It’s regional teams like this that are bringing in big money into the county.

Goller said, “We’ve been monitoring the economic impact of just the events we bring to the complex and that’s grown from about $30 million to we’re on pace for about $40 million for calendar year 2019 so its been a phenomenal growth.”

We’re told the county spent $3 million dollars on these fields and they feel like their investment is already paying off.

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