Wico. Exec. Bob Culver urges residents to donate to MAC Inc. amidst funding cuts

SALISBURY, Md. – Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver is calling on the community to help the MAC Center in Salisbury.  Culver says the center faces major funding cuts to vital services, because money is being reallocated by the state. On Facebook, the executive published a post asking residents to donate to the center  so that they can continue to provide free meals and other critical services to area seniors. Culver says the cuts could affect about 150 seniors who rely on the meals on wheels program.

“I didn’t feel like there was anything else we could do but ask for help from the public. Senior citizens are our greatest asset along with children. I’ve always been a big supporter of the MAC Center and hopefully people will come together and we can take care of it and I feel confident the council will help donate us,” said Culver.

Culver adds that he plans on meeting with eastern shore lawmakers to push for stronger legislation to support Wicomico County’s seniors during the next legislative session.


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