The Brightside: Female entrepreneurs taking over City Center


SALISBURY, Md. – Female entrepreneurs that are taking over downtown Salisbury, especially one building in particular.

“It’s not a man’s world, it’s a woman’s world,” exclaims La’Tasha Peters, the owner L Vondredi Boutique.

At least that’s what it’s starting to feel like in downtown Salisbury. One by one, women are making their way to downtown Salisbury and well, taking over the City Center.

Samantha Scott, a psychologist at the Child and Family Center, says “We’re here and we’re ready to roll and good things are coming.”

Peters says, “I love it and I think it’s awesome that we have so many women entrepreneurs like we are bossing up in Salisbury.”

Right now, 90 percent of the building is female owned as more women are taking a leap of faith, following their dreams and opening up shop.

Lisa Nolan, owner of LA Hair Designs says”It’s exciting because we all have something different to bring to the community and to the building and hopefully it will draw a lot of new attractions and people and clients and business for all of us.”

Each with their own set of expertise and passions from hair styling to insurance even mental health services.

Co-owner of Runway Station, Ashley Hickman explains, “We just wanted to open up something to just to get people more involved into fashion and at a reasonable price.”

“I kind of saw the need for a business that had everything in one for like lets say a new homeowner so we’ve got the insurance I’m a realtor so we do the real estate,” explains Tiffany Knupp of the Knupp Group.

Women who while in the process of following their dreams are also empowering each other.

Smith adds, “The first thing I noticed was just the support from the other women in the building. They would stop by give us motivation, a pat on the back like great job it’s looking good. Things like that so that has definitely been an inspiration for me.”

Hickman adds, “It’s nice just to have other women to relate to, especially in business because business can be difficult so it’s nice to see other women doing the same thing, following their dream so its encouraging, it keeps us motivated.”

And it’s a trend that seems to be catching on like wildfire.

Knupp says, “I see more and more women moving down here as the week goes on. I mean I know three more women and businesses coming down here this month alone so it’s very empowering and we’re all sticking together and we’re all cheering each other on so it’s amazing.”

Entrepreneurs that are proving to everyone and each other that women can do it all.

Nolan exclaims, “The rewards have been awesome. It’s given me a lot of flexibility with raising a family, it’s given me confidence to be independent and you know it’s a good feeling to be successful on your own without having to depend on anyone else.”

“You can be a mom, you can own a business, you can run your home it might not be clean but you can do it, you know just go out there and do it.”

Peters adds, “All things are possible, dream big and just be consistent and go after it you can do it, I did.”



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