Salisbury rainbow crosswalk repainted for Pride Month

SALISBURY, Md. – The City of Salisbury celebrated Pride Month on Saturday by repainting their rainbow crosswalk downtown.

The event hosted by Salisbury PFLAG took place in front of the downtown Wicomico Public Library.

More than 60 volunteers came out to help repaint the crosswalk, which was first painted at around the same time last year.

Some people say this spot celebrates diversity and inclusion. It also acts as a beacon of hope for many people.

The President of the Salisbury PFLAG says the crosswalk represents progress made by the LGBTQ community.

“It keeps us front and center in front of the community, and it lets everyone know who we are, that we’re here, we’re proud,” said the Salisbury PFLAG President Mark DeLancey.

“We’re just another member of the community and we’re very happy to be here and express our pride for the month of June,” said DeLancey.

Organizers say they plan to repaint the rainbow crosswalk every year during pride month so that the colors stay visible.

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