Pittsville residents still struggling with discolored water

PITTSVILLE, Md. –  The town of Pittsville, after promising their water issues were behind them, is having trouble once again. Residents are now complaining about yellow, brown, even black water coming out of their faucets.

“I mean would you drink it? I can get you a glass, and I would love to see the town council at a meeting drink that water,” Jared Schabelein, a concerned resident said. “We have a lot of elderly folks in town, we have folks who have children, you can’t be spending the summer without clean water that people don’t feel safe with drinking.”

The town has been experiencing water problems since April, but last week, people’s taps finally ran clear.  That led many to believe their water problems were behind them. On Monday though, there was a set back.

“I’ve seen pictures of black water, really really dark yellow, dark water, brown water,” Schabelein said. “A few days ago, it smelled like chlorine. I got in the shower and I came out and it smelled like I had just gotten out of the pool, and I was like ‘That’s not right.'”

Town officials say they can’t quite figure out what’s causing all of this.

Town Manager Joe Mangini said, “We’re bringing in other people to try to help us see exactly what is going on. I’m not totally sure at this point.”

They said it could be due to a lack of upkeep of their current plant.

Mangini said, “Unfortunately in the past, the town hasn’t kept up with maintenance, that’s one thing. It’s been a patch here and a patch there, and it’s pretty much coming home to roost.”

As a result, the town is considering replacing their water treatment plant altogether.

Mangini said, “I’ve actually already informed MDE that my suspicion is we may be going in that direction and we might need 2 million dollars.”

Pittsville residents say they’ll stick to drinking out of water bottles and taking short showers until this issue is resolved.

Schabelein said, “We need to make sure we have clean water or someone could be in serious jeopardy, like this is a risk.”

A Town Hall meeting will be taking place Wednesday night to discuss the town’s budget.

At the end of that meeting, there will be a public comment period and some residents say they plan on attending to voice their concerns about the water.

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