Ocean City bans dockless bikes, scooters

OCEAN CITY, Md. –  Dockless bikes and scooters, popular in places like Baltimore and Washington D.C., are not coming to Ocean City this summer or in the future.

The Resort Town voted to ban the service because they believe it would present safety issues.

They say they know the service has been causing problems in other cities because people often leave the bikes and scooters unattended in the middle of roads and sidewalks.

To prioritize pedestrian and motorist safety, the town figured going without the service would be best in the end.

Ocean City Public Information Officer Jessica Waters said, “So the council really took a proactive approach and because there are so many problems regulating them, they decided that before we got into a situation where we had a business, right now we don’t have any businesses that rent those, to just go ahead and just outlaw them altogether.”

It’s not all bad news for bikers, the town does still allow rentals along the boardwalk.

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