New stop signs installed at dangerous West Ocean City intersection

WEST OCEAN CITY, Md. –¬†Worcester County is finally addressing a dangerous intersection that’s been the site of many car accidents over the years.

The county is installing four way stop signs at the intersection of Old Bridge Road and Golf Course Road in West Ocean City.

The intersection used to just have two stop signs instead of four.

They hope by adding the two new signs people will slow down and be more aware of their surroundings before making a turn or proceeding straight.

Drivers we spoke to say they believe these signs will cut down on the number of accidents in the area.

Melvin Harrell, a driver said, “I have seen, at least in the last two years, I’ve seen over eight accidents there, so it’s a good thing they’re putting stop signs there because a couple years ago they put them on the other end and it made a lot of difference there also.”

The county is also adding “LOOK AGAIN” signs at the intersection to remind drivers to play it safe.

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