Del. health officials warn residents about consuming raw dairy products

DOVER, Del. – Delaware health officials are warning consumers to avoid eating any raw dairy products after a woman was hospitalized. We’re told the Sussex County woman was hospitalized for Brucella melitensis, a bacteria infection commonly found in sheep, goats and cows after eating raw dairy products imported from Mexico.

That’s why health officials are reminding locals of the risks that come with consuming unpasteurized products, products that are actually already illegal in Delaware.

“There’s always a risk of bacterial infection as a result the pasteurization process will help eliminate those infections so we just want to let the public know that just be understanding of the risks of consuming these types of products that pressurization 58 so we do recommend that you check the product find out if it’s been pasteurized,” explains DHSS Medical Director Dr. Rick Hong.

We’re told most infections are mild, however there are some versions that can lead to hospitalization and can also require antibiotics. If you start getting flu like systems after consuming raw products contact a medical professional.

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