Day 2 of Johnathan MeGee murder trial: DNA evidence presented

SALISBURY, Md. – InWicomico County, the Johnathan MeGee murder trial is underway. MeGee is accused of shooting and killing Shawn Johnson last year, and today was day two. In court, the state, pulled out some of their best evidence including DNA that allegedly puts MeGee at the scene of the crime. There were two main pieces of evidence that were presented Thursday. The DNA from the shirt that was recovered from the shooting, and the DNA found underneath Johnson’s fingernails and they all point back to MeGee. An in-depth testimony with one of the lead investigators from the Maryland State Police revealed all of this. Detective Corporal Stephen Hallman, who’s worked closely on this case, told the jury that the DNA matched directly with MeGee. Hallman told the jury it didn’t take long for him to track down MeGee after cell phone records showed MeGee had spoken on the phone with Johnson nearly three times before the shooting happened. According to Cpl. Hallman, MeGee did admit to investigators that he went to buy weed from Johnson that day. But he says Johnson tried to rob him and there was a brief fight between the two. But MeGee says after that he drove away, and didn’t know what happened to Johnson afterwards. The jury also heard from MeGee’s former girlfriend at the time as well. She says when Megee picked her up he told her, “I may have murdered someone today. But they don’t have enough to put me there.” Closing arguments are expected to happen Friday. Officials say the trial will reconvene Friday morning at 9.

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