Commissioners back information gathering for potential parking garage

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – Commissioners talked extensively Monday following up on their Parking Garage Task Force’s most recent meeting, mainly the possibility of getting a non-binding request for proposal and request for quotation for the viability of a downtown garage.

A number of city officials say there needs to be a focus on information gathering. Members of the task force, as well as commissioners at Monday’s meeting, continue to question whether there is enough of a need to warrant a parking garage.

Mayor Paul Kuhns voiced his support for information gathering to decide if it would be wise to move forward with plans for a parking garage.

“Through these RFQs and RFP process, we’ll find out from the input from professionals whether it’s a viable project. Whether we need it.”

The Parking Garage Task Force has now had two meetings, the next has not yet been scheduled.

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