Business is booming in Seaford, new stores and housing being built

SEAFORD, Del. – Seaford is getting some serious TLC. New businesses are popping up left and right, everywhere you go there’s new construction.

“These things that are coming up, we need them. You know, all these other towns have them. So we deserve them too,” says Libby Hudson, a Seaford resident.

New storefronts are arriving in Seaford. Hard hats and bulldozers, both signs of construction.

“It’s exciting. It’s an exciting time to be here. Seaford is really starting to grow. And we’ve worked really hard and we’re starting to see that effort really take hold,” says Trisha Newcomber, the Director of Economic Development & Community Relations for the City of Seaford.

Most of the action can be easily seen along Route 13. Seeds are being planted. New life is being breathed into once empty lots and run-down buildings.

“It’s good for Delaware, period. In general. Seaford is a small town and it will help it grow up,” says Brandt Craft, a Seaford resident.

A Starbucks is being built across from the newly renovated McDonald’s. A Chick-fil-A is popping up near Food Lion. Places that locals think will bring money and jobs into the area.

“Hopefully it helps out. New business brings in new money. And if they get it done before summer time, they can catch some of that beach traffic and bring some money for Delaware,” says Craft.

Besides commercial changes, there are also new homes being built including waterfront apartments.

“There’s a lot of opportunities for if you want the large house or the apartment. So we’re excited,” says Newcomber.

Locals and officials alike, we spoke with, say these changes are a big deal for places like Seaford because they feel it’s an area that can sometimes get left behind in the First State.

“Anytime things start to change, when you start to feel things are stagnant and nothing is happening it does have an effect on your community. I think we are starting to see we’ve worked really hard and we’re starting to see some of those things become a physical change within our community,” says Newcomber.

Officials tell 47 ABC construction costs for 2019 have already reached almost $5 million. It’s a number that’s causing a positive ripple effect throughout the area.

There’s also a new Wawa being built on the land between Grotto’s and the Verizon store, as well as some businesses that the city can’t share with the public just yet.

The City says two main things are helping it grow: its downtown has a Development District Designation through the Governor’s office and Seaford is also a federally designated Opportunity Zone. Both of which are helping the city financially.

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