Archaeologists reveal new findings in Sussex County

FELTON, Del. – Archaeologists in Delaware revealed some additional findings from their excavation of the historical Avery’s site near Rehoboth Beach.

The excavation of the former plantation began back 2012.

While they searched for remnants of a 17th century home, 11 unmarked burials were discovered.

After months of collecting data from bone DNA analysis, scientists unraveled some new information.

Imprints on several pieces of spine revealed that both white and African American families underwent strenuous work.

Data also showed that there was a lot tobacco smoking going on at the time.

According to Craig Lukezic, the former President for the Archaeological Society of Delaware, construction in Sussex County has made it harder to discover more archaeological sites.

“We are losing a lot of archaeological sites in the Lewes area right now due to development that we haven’t had the chance to look at and this is just one of them and we have many more sites that we could do just as much research and development with,” said Lukezic.

Archaeologists on Saturday revealed that they also found a skull at the site, which had been heavily damaged.

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